Wholistic Healing with Cara Seaira

 Wholistic Wellness Coach (private & corporate)

Offering Integrative Medicine Modalitiesin person & Zoom 

Yoga Therapy with Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation Yogic Numerology

Reiki Sessions - healing pain for people, plants, animals & homes
 Reiki I & II Trainings- *Reiki can be w.o physical contact*

Depth Hypnotherapy & Spiritual Counseling

Together, journeying your soul's consciousness for deep healing peace &
personal empowerment for Your Path. Helping physical or emotional pain..

~ Healing Bodywork Sessions can include:
Myofascial release, Lymph Drainage, Assisted Thai Yoga & AcuTouch

       ~ Sound Healing ~  &   ~Tuning Forks ~  

E.F.T - Emotional Freedom Technique Therapy

Retreats, Private & Public Yoga & Art Classes, Workshops, Life, Love, Death, Re- Birth Ceremonies & Rituals


Custom Healing Paintings & Sculptures
 for personal or collective healing/causes

 O H A - Outlet Healing Arts & Yoga, specializes in therapeutic modalities that meet people exactly where they're at, while gently connected to Source energy, like an "outlet", for releasing pain & receiving nutrients - transforming trauma with nurturing vitality that brings lasting results in wholistic healing of the body, mind, heart, Spirit & path.. 

Seaira is a fully certified practitioner that holds a safe & sacred space in all her work; Every body is welcome, whether it's 1-1 or teaching with a group, she loves to offer Sound Healing with buffalo drum, rattle, crystal singing bowls and gong.. ~~

To Schedule an Appointment & for commission inquiries,
please text (845-688-8379) or Huwmanheart@gmail.com 

**Many thanks & blessings**

*Peace, Release, Joy & Ease for the heart, body,
 mind & Spirit*

If you'd like to explore Your Creativity for receiving a wholistic & integrative healing arts experience, Seaira can guide you with clay, color, lines, symbols, paints, and holding a healing arts space for you, can be profoundly nourishing for the inner child and soul parts of our self, releasing pain & reuniting,
mending in joy..

Unwinding wounds, wounds- unwound - unwounded - = healed :)

  "Engaging with one's healing journey & creative life-force can powerfully transcend loss, trauma, grief, ptsd, insecurities, injuries and beyond-~ to bring visions to fruition!"
- C.Sea O'B 

Cara Seaira O'Brien 
Certified: Depth Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Counselor  

Reiki Master 
CRM, Yoga Instructor RYT,
Wholistic Massage Therapist CAMTC,
E.F.T Therapy (Emotional Freedom Technique, aka "tapping")

Artist & Author, for huwmanity & Earth :)

Providing a healing experience for the whole being; 

heart, mind, body, inner child, spirit & spine.  LGBTQ welcome.

Servicing the San Francisco Bay Area, New York

 Maryland, Virgina and anywhere ON ZOOM . . . 

Each healing session can be customized to suite your needs and 
can include a few modalities. 
*Reiki is also highly beneficial for reducing pain/stress for injured/ill pets..
 For more information about each modality please click on the "Healing Dimension" tab. 

To Schedule an Appointment Today, 
please text or call (845) 688-8379 
e: Huwmanheart@gmail.com & more info at CaraSeaira.com


Thank you for visiting, O H A ~
Providing Therapeutic "Outlets" in the
 Wholistic Healing Arts for your long lasting health, joy, vitality & fruitions for your visions!


"To believe and feel love from infinity, can truly & powerfully transcend healing obstacles with self.  To acknowledge one's self as an infinite being of energy, can expand & free the 'suffering' self from the present, past & future.  To say 'Love Infinity' as a mantra, is to connect & vibrate the love to one's infinity, as it is, Infinity loves you too." 

~* Cara Seaira O'Brien 


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