Susan Cann - "Seaira O'Brien is a loving healer, and her compassion is released through her hands. I have experienced many a massage in my 59 years, but never one that touched my soul as well as my body. I left her table feeling aligned, strong, and lighter in spirit."

Jameson Joradn Reyes - "We are all vibrational beings in fields of energy. Seaira brings physical and subtle energy together in such a way that it grounds you to the center of the Earth! Using everything from Reiki massage to physical air vibration for soothing, Seaira really brings it. Thank you Seaira for centering my energy! "

Maria Morales - "It was a wonderful, relaxing massage that left my muscles and my mind feeling at peace. What I felt was truly unique to my experience with Seaira was the way she went beyond the physical... The way she tuned into what was going on with me mentally and emotionally and how she responded to that with touch. I knew I was in very good hands and I felt as if I was in the company of a very old friend or sister. "

Nathan Bauld - "Seaira's massage was incredibly rejuvenating. I could actually feel my energy flowing throughout my body along my meridian lines after she was finished massaging me. I definitely recommend the hour and a half! ..I was especially pleased with the use of sound therapy throughout the massage. Afterwards I felt lighter and more centered. My mind felt clear and my energy was abounding. Cara Seaira is an extraordinary healer! "

Nicole Querica - "Your THAI-STYLE massage gave me the motivation, inspiration, VITALITY and AGILITY to execute THE MOST solid work-out I have had in months!!! The health benefits I received were the exact catalyst needed to nurture my body and increase my stamina. Thank-you for such a incredibly rejuvenating experience."